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Joan Drennen

#1, Nov 19, 2011 12:15pm

We can't attend tonight, but highly recommend hearing Dr. Peter. Thank you again, Katie and Jules, for hosting him for "The Art of Loving Your Spouse" and for having that talk available on podcast.

Dr. Peter's website is worth looking at, and his CD "The Power of Reconciliation" is well named. I haven't gotten very far into it because I keep needing to replay the first half ! It talks about our need to seek God honestly and the healing that starts there. He also delves deeply into the ways we justify anger and the damage it does to ourselves and those we love. He handles these familiar topics with gentleness, humility, frankness, and with the experience and observations of one who has been helping suffering souls for decades.

One more impression- his Danish accent is disarming and his voice is like butter, or more like balm.


Jules van Schaijik

#2, Nov 20, 2011 11:48am

I think the Danish and Dutch accent's are very similar. So wonderful and comforting.  :-) 

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