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James Barclay

#1, Sep 25, 2013 12:29pm

Jules, I can't get myself into the Catholic "guilt" thing.  I just don't think its healthy or does have any productive value because I see guilt as external, egoist and self destructive.  I do accept shame in that it is internal, considering, self examining and leads to redemption and reconcilliation.  The Pope's call for coming together and rejecting bigotry reminds me that I have, and sometimes still, an "us v them" mentality.  I try to work on that.  I try to find out which discrimination I will exercise;  Some discrimination is good especially when it comes to personal choices man moral issues.  "Please forgive me." is vastly better, to me, than simply saying "I apologize" or "I'm sorry".  It appeals to conscience.  You have expressed a very important issue of the recognition of the pain we acuse others when we err or act badly.  That is called empathy, something most people simply don't exercise or even care to.  It is an essential trait of the personalist.  Just because we feel pain from another's actions or words does not mean they have injured us.  Many times it means that we have, by our own judgementalism, injure ourselves.

Kate Whittaker Cousino

#2, Sep 25, 2013 2:05pm

James, I think your definition of shame might be essentially the same inward movement that Jules means when he refers to guilt. I tend to agree with Jules that the impulse itself is neutral, but it needs to always be examined and directed towards seeking healing, for ourselves and for those we have wronged. 

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