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Katie van Schaijik

#1, Jan 31, 2012 8:51am

That's a new perspective for me, Samantha, thanks.

I've often thought of the theme of Love as the height of philosophical reflection, since love--being God's essence--is the central reality of the universe.

But I'd never focused on the idea that love of truth belongs to the structure of true philosophy.

It reminds me of a talk I recently heard by friend and fellow-personalist Pete Colosi.  It was about medical ethics.  He quoted both the great philosopher/doctor Edmund Pellegrino and Pope Benedict making the point that it belongs to the role of the doctor to give the patient the "look of love that he craves", partly because, stressed Pete, love reveals things that the mere scientist can't see.

Bill Drennen

#2, Feb 1, 2012 5:57pm

 Samantha, very cool perspective indeed! At first I doubted your point but now I see! This "seeing" in love tangentially relates to something I've been thinking about ever since my homeschooled 7'th grader stated from her catechism that in heaven we will not know everything. This bothered me but I did not voice my dislike of this overly simplified statement but I've been thinking about growing in love and knowledge ever since. We may not ever know everything but certainly we will be progressing towards the infinite, sort of like a limit in calculus!

Of course, my daughter has not had limit theory and Scheler may be equally remote. I’ll have to think how to explain to her.

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