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Sam Roeble

#1, Dec 12, 2012 8:51am

Hello Daniel,

If I'm correct in interpreting your post, I would suggest another word for "rationalizing" faith as simply "translating".

Think of it more in terms of language than 2 different worlds: faith and reason.  Try thinking of it like a language that you can't be fluent at this late in the game, but that you can still "convert" from reason to faith.

I do that with Spanish often, and have developed the habit of reading the Bible in Spanish instead of English (Unamuno would appreciate!).  It gives me a fresh perspective, a new language and freedom to converse with the Lord.

I think that's why they called St. Jerome's translation the "Vulgate", because it was the language of the people, the vulgar language.  Whereas, if you go to a Byzantine or Spanish Mass, you will find the language to be more beautiful, more transcendent, and better able to translate/convert your reason into faith.

English is our "vulgar" language today.  It has lost much of it sacredness.

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