Katie van Schaijik

I listened to the first one.  I'm interested in knowing what you think of it, Dominik.  

I found it interesting, but not illuminating.  

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It's certainly coming from a different  (somewhat reductionist) perspective than personalist philosophy, but it's interesting to find commonalities (e.g. the evolved complementarity of men and women) as well as understanding the underlying biomechanical processes occurring in tandem with the experience of love.

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Katie van Schaijik

I agree, Dominik.  Where it corroborates what we can know through experience and reflection, it's interesting and worthwhile.  

But I dislike a lot the failure to make even an attempt at a deep and genuine experience of being in love and a counterfeit of that.  I also dislike very much the underlying physicalist assumptions.

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If you haven't watched the third video (Ms Brown's), it's well worth a watch -- different in tone from Ms Fisher's presentation and reinforcing of the necessity of vulnerability (and acknowledgment of imperfection) for authentic experiences (including love).

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