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James Barclay

#1, Sep 20, 2013 7:25pm

I'm not really sure where you are going in terms of personalism.  if those smudges, that guilt, that 'super focus' upon ritual and 'name brand spirituality' foat your boat, hey man, that is your path and I have to respect it, even as a American fight and die for it I am that fervent about a person's individual freedoms.  the Press is not supposed to 'get it'.  the Press is supposed to do the assignment the editor gives it, sell ads and make money, increase that circulation any way it can and put that rag out on the streets right on time every single day, and beat the others to the scoop.  My concern is distortions, propaganda (a term invented by the Church), lies, damned lies and twisted numbers.  My task as a personalist in the Catholic Worker light is 'action-in-love', 7 spiritual and 7 corporal works of mercy and all that.  I do shame, not guilt.  I do recompense and reconsilliation.  I act, therefore I am.  I suppose that is why CWs are sort of the tough little anarchistic lot.   The Pope, though, he got it right.  Mercy. Caritas. the Nous. Together.

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