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Jules van Schaijik

#1, Jan 26, 2013 9:05pm

I agree Rhett. In general I think it best not to close any career options for women. It seems to me we should focus on illuminating, defending, and valuing the natural differences between the sexes, and then let the social consequences take care of themselves. But combat is an exception. It is one of those cases (I mention some other one's in my latest post) where society ought to draw a line, even if some women are offended by it.

Katie van Schaijik

#2, Jan 26, 2013 9:30pm

I agree too.  I hate the way feminism seems to have conflated a stand for the equal dignity of women with a demand for the practical elimination of gender difference.  I wish instead we'd focus on learning to value and properly cherish the unique contribution of women to the good of society.  This includes, especially, honoring woman's orientation toward motherhood. 

Sam Roeble

#3, Jan 30, 2013 10:43am

2 Conclusions  I draw from these current events:

1)      Along with the erosion of gender roles is the American sense of justice.  Just because two service women argued (and won) a case about how their inexperience in combat stunted their military career growth does not imply that the US Court system brings true law and order.  On the contrary, rulings like this create chaos and disorder among people.  The virtue of justice (what he/she deserves), in individuals, in America is imbalanced

2)      The way in which men and women engage differently in spiritual combat should, in an ideal world, shape military decisions.  As a group, how do women confront evil?  How do men confront evil?  Monasteries and convents are a great example of the differences here.  Family life, also, proves that women of the family fight their battles differently from men.  Both are necessary for peace and order--the military will have to learn this the hard way

James Barclay

#4, Sep 20, 2013 8:00pm

How can anyone call him or herself a personalist and argue about what is required of the gender of someone else?  How can one be a personalist and dictate what freedoms are allowed or not allowed?  Individuals must have the freedoms to make life choices and be and act as they must.  I've spent a good deal of my life at that and am still dedicated to it.  Let the gender bigots come. I'm ready here and now to enlighten. Any takers?  Both of these points are- pointless.

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