The Personalist Project

Von Hildebrand on Human Sexuality

Michael Healy

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When:Wednesday, June 3, 6:29 pm
Where:Holiday Inn, 943 S High St., West Chester, PA (Wilmington/Longwood Rm)
Cost:The lecture is free

A double lecture by Michael Healy and Christopher West on the topic of human sexuality

Part 1, by Michael Healy: "3 Ways of Attraction, 3 Dangers in Action, 3 Reasons for Renunciation."

Both speakers will consider the true nature of sexuality as essentially deep and intimate and in relation to betrothed love. Sex is not just another instinct or appetite, but unique in its vocation toward the expression of something higher. Von Hildebrand’s Purity, the Mystery of Christian Sexuality (on which Dr. Healy’s lecture is based), written in the 1920’s, anticipates many of the insights of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.