The Personalist Project

The Person’s Creation in Love (2)

Maria Fedoryka

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When:Sunday, June 8, 7:30 pm
Where:Chester County Historical Society, 225 N. High St., West Chester, PA
Cost:The lecture is free

In this double-lecture, Dr. Fedoryka analyzes and challenges certain false ideas about the human person, and then elaborates the Christian vision of the person's creation in love and fulfillment in relation to God and other persons.

Part 2: "...will not complete you without you."

In the second talk, Dr. Fedoryka considers the human contribution to the original creative act of God. God brings man into existence, but this act of creation is in an important sense radically incomplete. For while the love-origin gives objective meaning to existence, the human person is not able to enter into this meaningfulness without further ado: he must experience his own goodness, and the goodness of the world. But this is possible only if he is reflected back to himself in the loving gaze of another human person. As "one who is loved", he is thus initiated into the only experience which can give his life meaning.