The Person’s Creation in Love (1)

A lecture by Maria Fedoryka

Sunday, June 8, 6:30 pm

Chester County Historical Society, 225 N. High St., West Chester, PA

The lecture is free

Light refreshments included

Pay at the door, but space is limited so please reserve in advance below

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More about the lecture:

In this double-lecture, Dr. Fedoryka analyzes and challenges certain false ideas about the human person, and then elaborates the Christian vision of the person's creation in love and fulfillment in relation to God and other persons.

Part 1: "He who created you without you..."

The "pessimistic existentialists" such as Nietzsche and Sartre believe human existence to have no meaningful origin, and thus to be absurd. The Christian conviction, by contrast, is that creation springs from the hand of a loving creator. Dr. Fedoryka reflects philosophically on this love-origin of the human person, and then shows the dramatic implications of this beginning in love for the human person's vocation and genuine fulfillment.

More about the speaker:

Maria Fedoryka is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Ave Maria University in Naples, FL. For the last several years she has studied, taught and lectured widely on questions related to the nature and dignity of the human person, especially the philosophy of love, and the place of love in the lives of persons. She received her BA from Christendom College and her MA and PhD degrees from the International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein. She is also an accomplished violinist.

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