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Setting aside my standing objections to the ubiquitous "wired" metaphor, Sr. Helena Burns, "media nun," does Catholics proud with this great takedown of a current example of the mainstreaming of pornography: a movie about male strippers called Magic Mike.  Really, her review is a summary presentation of the Theology of the Body.

(Pay no attention to the cheesy, Jehovah's Witness style religious art.)

The Sexual Revolution told women that they can now “have sex like a man.” Because, you see, the male paradigm is the only good paradigm! Feminists, in wanting to be just like men, “have what men have,” unwittingly labeled women’s ways as inferior, and set about obliterating the feminine. But it gets worse. Women imitated BAD MEN. (If we wanted to be men, at least we could have imitated good men.) We imitated men who were cads, tools, players—promiscuously using/abusing women. But we turned the tables and did it to men, doing extreme violence to everything feminine in us, shutting off all our feminine voices and instincts and wisdom.

Hat tip facebook friend Patrick Langrell.

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Michael Healy

#1, Jul 7, 2012 12:38pm

Great post and link, Katie. Unfortunately, I saw Matthew McConaughey on Jay Leno the other night, promoting this movie with a film clip. From what he said, and from the selection offered, it seems to be promoting nothing but seeing the other person as a sexual object, as a piece of meat, as if this is just glorying in a natural good and being freed from prudishness.  This is the kind of thing, of course, that any self respecting female should detest in the reverse (women as nothing but strippers and titillators) and yet a recent internet headline reads "'Magic Mike' proved irrestible to female filmgoers last weekend." A sad state of affairs compared to any genuine pursuit of happiness.

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