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Here's a novel idea. Special glasses for "ultra orthodox" Jewish men who don't want to see immodestly dressed women.

The ultra-Orthodox community’s unofficial “modesty patrols” are selling glasses with special blur-inducing stickers on their lenses. The glasses provide clear vision for up to a few meters so as not to impede movement, but anything beyond that gets blurry — including women. It’s not known how many have been sold.

I can sympathize with the desire to protect oneself from the shamelessness of others.  But I don't care for the name or concept.

A) It seems to me that modesty isn't rightly predicated of an instrument that blurs vision.

B) Since they can't block out a woman's "sexual values" without also blocking out her face, I'd say these glasses are bound to exascerbate rather than overcome a tendency to objectify women.

What say others?

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Michel Esparza

#1, Aug 11, 2012 8:00am

You're right! Every passion should be assumed before beeing trancended. Not doeing is unhealthy. Actually you always see sex-obsession even in hedonists who assume but doesn't trancend, as in puritans who trancend but doesn't assume!

This approach fits with every passion or created reality (affection, love for the world and so on)

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