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On a business trip to India some time in the early 80s, my parents were with a small group of fellow travelers who got to meet Mother Teresa.  This is how my mother tells the story:

"She came in the room and spoke with a radiant face about how wonderful God is.  As she turned to leave, she stopped, looked at me, walked over to me, took my hands in hers and said, 'I'm praying for your children.'" 

Of course, it's a good bet that a forty-something woman with a wedding band probably has children.  But to me the story felt like a special grace. A very personal grace.

I hope she's praying for me still, from heaven.

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#1, Sep 5, 2012 3:52pm

Deo gratias!  I'm sure Bl. Teresa's intercesion for you and your siblings continues to the present time.

Scott Johnston

#2, Sep 6, 2012 3:33am

Awesome! I saw Mother Teresa on two occasions (once in San Diego; once in Tijuana) when I lived in California.

I'd never experienced anything like this. Of course, she was genuinely humble, and obviously did not particularly like being treated as special, nor do anything to bring attention to herself. But it was really uncanny, when she simply entered the Church in the early morning to attend Mass (San Diego, near a convent of the contemplative branch of the sisters she was visiting), I was rather shocked at how truly powerful the presence of the Holy Spirit seemed to be. I'm not especially charismatic. But, I've never felt more strongly like a "wave" of the Holy Spirit was spilling into a place as when she walked into that church not wanting to be looked at. It took me off guard. I just had an extremely strong conviction, that this woman was deeply united with God, and that wherever she was, the Holy Spirit was present in a powerful way. I'll never forget it.

This gives me an idea what people mean when they talk like they can immediately recognize the holiness of a great Saint. There's something to it.

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