The Personalist Project

L.E. Ikenga, 40 Acres and a President
George Weigel, Caritas in Vertiate in Gold and Red
Christina Hoff Sommers, Persistent Myths in Feminist Scholarship
Peter J. Colosi, What’s love’s got to do with It
Mark Steyn, The State Despotic

Jennifer Roback Morse, on love and economics.
Mark Henrie, Rethinking Conservatism
Baritone Thomas Hampson singing Schubert’s Der Lindenbaum

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Comments (1)

Bill Drennen

#1, Aug 3, 2009 2:06am

I read George Weigel, “Caritas in Vertiate in Gold and Red”.

I also can not understand for the life of me the Vatican’s enthusiasm for a world body given the many abuses at the UN.

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