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Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix has become the first in the nation to openly defy the Obama Administration's demand that all health insurance plans cover birth control and sterilizations. May he be the first of many. Article here.

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Teresa Manidis

#1, Jan 29, 2012 7:40pm

Yes, thank God for this, and we can only hope to see many others follow in his footsteps.

If this atrocity actually takes place, it will truly be the worst possible scenario, not only for us collectively, as a nation, but for faithful health care professionals in particular.

To imagine that, after all the time and energy (not to mention money) I've spent towards my higher education - and despite my plans to work at a Catholic institution, making half of what I could at a secular hospital - to do all this, in response to what I feel is God's call - and then, possibly, to have to walk out my first day due to a deeply held, conscientious objection - is nearly unfathomable.


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