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A conversation with John F. Crosby

Katie van Schaijik, Jul 28, 2014

No single person has done more to shape our understanding of Christian personalism than our former professor, John F. Crosby. Last week he and his wife, Pia, visited us in New Hampshire, and he kindly agreed to sit down with me for a recorded conversation about personalism and phenomenology, von Hildebrand, Newman and Wojtyla.

One of the questions I asked had to do with von Hildebrand and Vatican II. Von Hildebrand is well-known for his passionate opposition to the liturgical abuses that followed in the wake of the Council. Less well-known is his profound influence on the substance of its teachings. 

Click here to hear the recording of his answer to that question.

(Sorry about our dog whining in the background!)

Members can listen to the full interview at the Member Feed.

Pia and John Crosby sitting at our kitchen table with Alice von Hildebrand.