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A feast of beauty brought to you by mind-blowing technology

Katie van Schaijik, Dec 19, 2010

I have lately been feeling what a cursed temptation the internet is—how easily it ensnares me and lures me further into its endless titillating wastes, devouring all my time and energy.  Some days I feel as if it has become for me that nasty little reptile sitting on one of the torn souls in Lewis’ The Great Divorce—something I must kill in order to get free.  Other times I think rather it is something analogous to sexuality as such (as opposed to a particular perversion): a potent force that I must to learn to curb and master, so that it serves my true good aims.

Whatever it is, there’s no denying its uses and charms.

Consider this virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel—and don’t fail to have your sound turned on to enjoy the accompanying sacred music.

Hat tip David Limbaugh at Ricochet. (Ricochet is a terrible time-devourer for me these days.)