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Christianity in the news

Katie van Schaijik, Feb 07, 2012

The internet is abuzz with stories of the clash between the Obama Adminstration and the Catholic Church over the new healthcare mandate. And today in the Corner, I find two items drawing attention to other flashpoints in the conflict between Christianity and the Zeitgeist.

A plug for Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Newsweek cover story on Islamic persecution of Christians, in which she condemns the media's "conspiracy of silence."

An account of Eric Metaxes' speech at the National Prayer breakfast and its implicit challenge to President Obama.

And then comes the news that the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has today declared California Proposition 8 limiting marriage to one man and one woman unconsititutional.

It's hard to avoid the impression that battle lines are being drawn.  Are we facing a new persecution?  Will we witness a new wave of evangelization?  Or both?  Or something else?  

One things seems clear.  The status quo is unsustainable.  Something's gotta give.