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Christmas links

Katie van Schaijik, Dec 23, 2011

Several days ago I began compiling a list of links for Christmas.  I wasn't able to finish it.  But, with a few days left to contemplate and celebrate, here are a few items I'd gathered so far:

Newman sermon, Religious Joy.

Roger Kaplan on The Weapons of the Spirit, at the American Spectator.

T.S. Eliot reading The Long Journey of the Magi (hat tip, Kris McLaughlin)

The Alistair Sim version of the classic Dickens tale, A Christmas Carol.

It's a Wonderful Life.  I highly recommend reading this article before watching it again.  It throws new light on the film's message, which is not what it's often taken for. It's not romantic optimism: life is wonderful, no matter what happens to you.  Rather, George Bailey's life was wonderful, because of his heroic self-sacrificing.  "Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake wil save it."