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Christmas meditation

Katie van Schaijik, Dec 24, 2010

Here is Christmas sermon of Newman’s framed to awaken and deepen our sense of the religious meaning of this feast and the way it tests our hearts and sensibilities. 

When He was born into the world, the world knew it not. He was laid in a rude manger, among the cattle, but “all {252} the Angels of God worshipped Him.” Now too He is present upon a table, homely perhaps in make, and dishonoured in its circumstances; and faith adores, but the world passes by.

Let us then pray Him ever to enlighten the eyes of our understanding, that we may belong to the Heavenly Host, not to this world. As the carnal-minded would not perceive Him even in Heaven, so the spiritual heart may approach Him, possess Him, see Him, even upon earth.

May Blessed John Henry Newman help us with his prayers to be properly present to the great mystery at hand.