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Legal recognition of same sex relations will not lead to more monogamy, but less

Katie van Schaijik, Mar 21, 2013

Some days it feels as if the best we can manage is not to be overwhelmed by the darkness gathering over our society.

I've been debating a nice bi-sexual guy who favors civil unions for gays, because he thinks they offer a way out of the nihilistic hedonism otherwise prevailing in the homosexual subculture. He thinks legal recognition of their relationships will help them by channeling their sexuality toward monogamy.  He is plainly sincere. But to me it is delusional to suppose we can keep the norm of monogamy once the norm of sexual complementarity is abandoned.

Someday I mean to write an article showing that, in its essence and structure, the conjugal union (ordered as it is toward pro-creation, and bringing about, as it does, a male/female human whole) aspires to permanence and monogamy, while homosex, in its essence and structure, is a source of disunity and dissolution, plus deadly disease.

To treat these two kinds of relations as legal equivalents is a radical injustice, not to mention an offense against God—a much, much more serious offense than the Tower of Babel.

I wonder how anyone can imagine we can go on enjoying the blessings of peace and prosperity while we commit blasphemy on an industrial scale.