The Personalist Project

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Person class underway. Do join in!

Katie van Schaijik, Jan 13, 2013

Friday we hosted the first of Jules' 8 classes on the Philosophy of the Person. It was a lovely evening. Local students ranged in age from 20-something to 70-something, and included a doctor, a homemaker, an accountant, a seminarian, a piano teacher, a retired economist, a college student... Just the sort of mix we envisioned when we founded the Personalist Project. Not professional academics, but normal, thoughtful people, who want to deepen and clarify their understanding of the nature and dignity of the human person.

Some of them have taken classes with us before, others were new.

Distance students are listening in from four continents. :)

Anyway, for those who might be on the fence about signing up, unsure of whether this is for you, I thought it might help to make the audio of the first class available. It will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Picture a group of normal people sitting around by the fire in our living room. Some are taking notes, some are just listening.

The live classes are supposed to be an hour and a half long. (They often go over time, and many students stay longer for wine and conversation.)  Here are the ones who stayed late:

We break the lecture up into shorter segments and allow time for questions in between. This time there were two segments. We have a web page for the class, where Jules posts reading materials and where students can comment or raise questions. Come join!

  Here is the first segment
  Here is the second