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Sound advice about the single life starts with personalism

Katie van Schaijik, Sep 14, 2012

Anthony Buono, founder of the online dating site, Ave Maria Singles, and a friend of ours, has just come out with his first book.  I love the title: Would You Date You? 

My copy came in the mail today.  As Anthony knows, I tend to be a rather severe critic of other people's dating theories, so I picked this up with some trepidation. I'd so hate not to be able to endorse something by a friend!

So I'm very happy to be able to report: so far so good.  The Forward, by Lino Rulli, is warm and funny and teasing.  Proof positive that Anthony can't possibly be guilty of taking himself too seriously (a common failing of authors of advice books).

Then, on page 2, he neatly explains a core feature of personalism:

The reality that you are a person sets you apart from the fact of your human nature, which is collectively shared with the whole human race...

No two persons are the same.  A person does not share his or her personhood with any other person.  You are uniquely yourself.  If you are a person, that means you are able to act, and you are responsible for your actions.  God does not judge us collectively.  He judges each person individually, based on their individual motives which can only be known to Him.

I call that a very promising beginning!