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The vulnerable will suffer most, as always

Katie van Schaijik, Jun 27, 2015

Helen Alvares sums it up beautifully in a debate over at Crux:

For Catholics, the same-sex marriage opinion is a striking rejection of Pope Francis’ beautiful invitation in Laudato Si to “joyfully accept … the work of God the Creator,” according to its own intrinsic purposes and harmonies. The union of the man and the woman is a unique beauty, and the place in creation where new life springs forth as a consequence of overflowing love. Like the rest of creation, this gift from God must be conserved and developed in service to the human person, especially the most vulnerable and the next generations. Stripping children from the definition of marriage does the opposite.

The rights and privileges that accord to marriage in society have everything to do with our duties toward the most vulnerable—children and the elderly. A strong marriage culture protects them. To abandon marriage is to abandon them.