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Theology of the Body Symposium in The Netherlands

Katie van Schaijik, Mar 05, 2019

We interrupt our posting hiatus to alert readers to the 5th International's Theology of the Body Symposium to be held this June in the Netherlands. I hope to give a talk along the lines I sketched out in a post below, on how John Paul II's Theology of the Body provides a prophetic theological blueprint for overcoming the scourge of clericalism now afflicting the Church.

The problem is bigger and deeper than we typically realize, and it goes far beyond the abuse scandals. Its spiritual roots are in Eden. But it's not hopeless; we are not helpless. And the coming solution will be more beautiful and more fruitful than "eye has yet seen or ear heard." 

You can find the full list of speakers, including several who have written for us over the years, at the website linked above. 

If by chance you plan to attend, please do let us know, so we can look forward to meeting you there.