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Theology the body captured in doll conversion story

Katie van Schaijik, Mar 19, 2015

If you doubt that the way we live and act, the way we dress and carry ourselves, the tone of our voice, the expressions of our face, bespeak our sense of self and others—our convictions (conscious or not) about what is and isn't important, watch this remarkable video (hat tip daughter Rose).

Broken, lost dolls are rescued and transformed from anonymous sex objects into unique personalities, ready to love and be loved.

I saw it and thought of the phrase attributed (rightly or not) to St. Francis: "Preach the gospel always; if necessary, use words." How much is communicated without words!

Not only that, but the video manages to capture the love between the husband and wife, and between the designer and her mother. It captures authentic femininity (which is intelligent and creative, plus tender and receptive) and the attractions of motherhood and domesticity combined with professional expertise. I am blown away.

I also thought of Joseph Ratzinger's talking about the Church becoming smaller and its remaining communities of faith attracting numbers through the loveliness of their life in common.

The world is starving for sweetness, goodness, beauty, modesty. When it finds them, it can't resist.

See more images of doll conversions here.