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Re: Three Hopeful Consequences of an Awful Election

Nov. 10 at 10:25pm | see this comment in context

Yes.  The Reimers house is also getting a thorough cleaning and sorting.  Attended a great conference on martyrdom right after the election.  It was certainly a consolation after the election.

I also think that the timing of the Year of Faith is not coincidental.

Indiana, by the way, went for Romney.  Somewhat a consolation.

I firmly believe that America, unlike the Catholic Church, is in a state of decline.  Living out our Catholic faith is the best we can do for the country as a whole, even though it seems like we aren't making much difference. 

Re: A Personalist Universe

Sep. 19 at 8:40am | see this comment in context

I read Walker Percy's Alone in the Universe - The Last Self-Help Book, last summer.  It was an excellent and fun read, making many of the same points.  Good essay, Dev.

Re: Judge Not, and Construct Not, Either.

Aug. 7 at 9:51am | see this comment in context

Well said, Devra.  I catch myself at it frequently, to my shame.  But I also run into folks who say they won't really into a conversation with me about something serious because they know I am a Catholic or a "non-Democrat"  and thus already "know" how I will respond to something or argue a point.  In other words, we can be assigned "scripts" and not be worth the trouble or argument.

But I do that, too.  I now have the expectation of turning on the evening news expecting to hear a lot of left wing hooey, although I am always disappointed when I do.

With most of my kids, I am often correct about their positions on things, but sometimes surprised to find out that what I expect and the reality are two different things.  These can be either pleasant surprises or horrible disappointments. 

In my own professional life, it is a constant, especially since I work in social services - but, again, sometimes I am very pleasantly surprised. 

Thanks Devra for another well written blog about our fallible human condition.

Re: Oh, No, Not That Again! Revisiting Self-Esteem

Jul. 7 at 5:37pm | see this comment in context

Thanks so much, Devra.  You have hit on a tricky subject.  I think that this issue, besides being one of general importance is especially important when evaluating education over the past 20 years.  David Brooks just had an interesting piece - from a secular standpoint - in the NY Times.

Personally, I have also struggled with, "What IS humility and how can I get really good at it"!  Sorry about that. 

Seeing ourselves always in relationship to our Heavenly Father does keep us little, as it were, but is also enormously encouraging, especially when we are (meaning I am) so prone to falling short.

Keep up the good work, Devra!

Re: Should A Cardinal Confirm A Practicing Homosexual Parish Council Member? Some Critical Reflections

Apr. 24 at 11:10am | see this comment in context

To Katie,

Yes.  Communion and Liberation.  Referring again to the Obama at ND event, the Communion and Liberation weigh in on this was that it would be a good thing as Obama might be moved by Christ's presence here.  Perhaps he was, however, this in no way has effected any policy changes by our government in the area of abortion.  Our current experience with the HHS mandate indicates otherwise. 

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