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Re: Why gender matters

Dec. 6 at 1:43am | see this comment in context

After spending some time rechecking sources, etc. I find what seems ample material that your assertion that there are so-called missing links and that macro evolution is a scientific error, etc. to be seriously challenged, if not incorrect.

I appreciate everyone's time, but we have drifted far away from our original topic. I also fear that our vantage points might be further apart than originally thought. Perhaps I am wrong. 

However, i am thinking that it will take so long to work our way back to a discussion on marriage and sexual ethics, not to mention issues related to theodicy, faith, and so on, that maybe we are facing a somewhat impractical task. 

Re: Why gender matters

Dec. 5 at 3:26pm | see this comment in context

What is the difference between material evolution and organic-micro evolution. Granted, these distinctions are helpful.

And I am failing to understand your comment about facts. 

Re: Why gender matters

Dec. 5 at 2:50pm | see this comment in context

A question for clarification - do you deny any sense of material evolution?

Our evolving from past material causes does not necessarily imply being pushed around nor victimization. They are merely facts. 

If we examine the human person - consider his or her faculties, selfhood, uniqueness, interiority, and so on - we understand the proper response is one of wonder and recognition of immense dignity and value. This does not depend on our origins or cause - it is rooted in our being, as it is now. 

Re: Why gender matters

Dec. 5 at 9:16am | see this comment in context


Evolution does present fascinating as well as problematic aspects for personalism and philosophical anthropology. How can a material process produce something like mind? The mind-body mystery remains just that. 

(A side note for Don. It seems you are appealing to Behe's work on Intelligent Design. I spent considerable time with Behe and his ideas were generally appealing. However, much work in the area of micobiology and evolutionary physiology have thrown serious doubts on Intelligent Design's notion of irredicible complexity. But this is for another day.)

The general theistic argument roughly is to appeal to a Divine being who ensouled humans, creating them as persons in His own image. 

I find it nearly impossible to honestly assert any belief in the existence of a Divine personal being. My difficulties arise in light of much time spent with issues of theodicy, suffering, the somewhat randomness of life, etc. 

It seems that I can accept an unknown - how seemingly, the immaterial comes to be from the material. Or I can attempt to reconcile what seems a contradiction - a God of love who permits evil and suffering, and fails to act tangibly in the face of both. 

Re: Why gender matters

Dec. 4 at 5:34pm | see this comment in context

Don, no, I don't believe in a Creator God. Evolution is a fact however, and the process has produced our reality and part of that is two genders. I don't see how that is fuzzy.

All - I recognize I operate from different vantage points. Yet I was once part of your tradition. And my education is the same as many, if not most of you. 

I am not looking to be here just to argue or be difficult. I appreciate the level and topics of conversation. I am a personalist - I see, affirm, recognize, assert human dignity and the value of the human person. 

I'm happy to leave you folks alone. But I am also happy to engage in non-snarky, substantive discussions. 

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