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I am pursuing my Masters degree in Physician Assistant Studies at DeSales University, while simultaneously home schooling our four children. My husband and I have been married for 18 years. I thrive off of lively debate and discussion, and what better place to find it than right here? In my spare time, I read (I’m up to my 1,877th book since graduating college), write (I have published two novels, and have started my third), lap swim (I stopped counting the mileage years ago), am involved in World War II reenactments, and travel. I love my family, my friends and my God, and consider it a joy and a privilege to be alive

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Honest Question

Mar. 25 at 4:36pm | Comments: 5 | Most recent comment: Mar. 28 at 1:57pm

After listening to Katie’s latest lecture, I am left with a nagging question, one I would like to get other members’ honest opinions about.  I am not finding fault with it (as you know, I am a fan of all things Katie-and-Jules), so much as I (quite literally) have no point of reference for it in my personal experience, and would very much like to know if others have. But I get ahead of myself. Right...

God as Truth

Feb. 27 at 3:25pm | Comments: 0

Benedict Groeschel, in his Spiritual Passages: The Psychology of Spiritual Development, develops the idea that there are certain attributes of God that resonate with all people.  Allowing for some overlap, Groeschel lists (in no specific order) the perception of God as ‘One,’ ‘True,’ ‘Good,’ or ‘Beautiful’ as the ‘Four Voices of God,’ at least one of which should appeal to the individual on a personal level. Under the heading, ...

Personal Response to Christ

Feb. 27 at 2:36pm | Comments: 0

As a response to Christ on the cross, the Sonnet to Christ Crucified (sometimes attributed to John of the Cross) is singular in its truly personal resonance: I am not moved, my Lord, to love You
 By the heaven You have promised me

 Nor does the thought of hell, so feared,
 Move me to cease offending You
 You move me, oh Lord,
 I am moved
 Seeing You nailed to a cross
 Your flesh destroyed
 Your body injured

 I am moved...

Lent as a Season of Love

Feb. 27 at 2:21pm | Comments: 3 | Most recent comment: Mar. 1 at 2:18pm

One of my many quirks is my knack for memorizing catechisms.  Being raised Catholic, I had assumed it was only my own catechism I could command with ease.  But that was before I started devouring the tracts left by Jehovah’s Witnesses (I once typed up a four-page summary of where our beliefs overlap, and gave it to them on their return visit); or learning the progressive steps of Scientology, now declassified and available on the web ...

Value, Preciousness and Infatuated Schoolgirls

Feb. 17 at 7:03pm | Comments: 3 | Most recent comment: Feb. 19 at 11:56am

Thank you, Katie, for another awesome (in the 'awe-inspiring,' not professional sports sense of that word) lecture this past Tuesday.  I had an opportunity to listen to it tonight, and wanted to comment on two points that especially struck me (I limit it to two as my class is responsible for memorizing all the parts of the heart as well as the entire circulatory system by 8:00 am tomorow morning - my comments must perforce be brief). Right off...

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Re: Are wives supposed to submit to their husbands?

Aug. 8 at 4:16pm | see this comment in context

And, Scott, I have spoken to you in person and know you to be a truly thinking person yourself, but I do not believe, in the fallen world in which we live, any man, given the power, could act as you hope.  Think of it as Aragorn, who knew how the Ring compelled him, and wouldn't trust himself with it.  And, no offense, not many men are Aragorn.

Re: Are wives supposed to submit to their husbands?

Aug. 8 at 4:12pm | see this comment in context

Katie, you are spot on, as always, and this dovetails nicely with your earlier posts.  A lot of work needs to be done with our (mis)understanding of this verse in particular, and of 'submission' in general, in a Christian context.  I know, during our own PreCana sessions, we received mixed messages.  While our pastor told me to omit vowing obedience during the marriage ceremony (something which would scandalize family members who thought I, as an impetuous 21 year old, just decided to 'drop'it on my own) that 'progressive' (yes, Katie, horrible qualifier) move was coupled with the priest's own hidebound definition of 'obedience'.  When I asked, point blank, what obedience (whether vowed or not) was supposed to look like in real life, I was told, 'Well, you know, whenever a decision has to be made, or whenever it's something important, you know, that affects you both, or your family, or your souls - well, then, in those cases, to avoid unpleasantness, the decision is solely the man's to make.'  While we just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary this week, given that definition, I am afraid this thinking-girl, besides the love and loyalty, has given her husband a lot of unpleasantness

Re: Turning the tables

Jul. 24 at 10:27pm | see this comment in context

And that is your whole point, in a nutshell.  Well done, Katie!

Re: What his contrition has to do with my forgiveness

Jul. 24 at 10:23pm | see this comment in context

Articulate and to the point, Jules.  I especially liked the part about the role of the community at large - that their role can either be one of neutralizing injury and promoting healing, or of amplifying the original wrong.  You and Katie have so much to offer us in this area, I will again encourage one (or both!) of you to write a small work on it.  The world (okay, well, I and a whole bunch of other people) would really love to see that

Re: Justice and truth

Jul. 18 at 10:27am | see this comment in context

I am on a mobile device and must, perforce, be brief.  But I will, yet again, encourage you, Katie, in the strongest sense possible, to keep at this.  Just as great Art and Music transcends us, connecting us to something higher, you have stumbled across an ultimate reality - in fact, Truth - and a truth many (especially in the Christian world) may not yet be comfortable hearing.  To that I say, 'Too bad.'  The 'post-Eden master/slave tension' is ubiquitous, and a Christ-like forgiveness (to which we are all called) is incompatible with it; the latter (virtue) should never be 'forced' to try and perpetuate the former (vice).  I am busting with pride that you've stayed in the ring three, no, four whole rounds with this one, Katie; now, go back to your corner, grab a drink, spit out some teeth as need be, and come back into the ring, swinging

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