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Dr. John Grabowski on Ephesians 5

Sep. 9 at 11:01am | Comments: 35 | Most recent comment: Sep. 10 at 10:25am

St. Paul’s teaching on subordination has met with considerable public backlash since the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Questions abound as to whether the teaching itself is even based on the message of Jesus, or on some abstractions of Judaic or Hellenistic practices of running a household. Dr. John Grabowski does well to point out the differences between non-Christian cultures’ approach to marriage versus the way the early Church lived out marriage in the light...

Dubay’s Authenticity: Who do Persons Obey without a Vow of Obedience?

Sep. 5 at 2:00pm | Comments: 35 | Most recent comment: Sep. 9 at 11:25am

The late Thomas Dubay S.M. wrote Authenticity in 1997 as an attempt to re-ground those interested in spiritual direction with both Scripture and Tradition, from which they had strayed by the influence of theologians disobedient to the Magisterium.   A question worth asking in the light of Catholic authenticity that is inseparable from a posture of obedience is: If obedience is a necessary response that God asks of every person, how is that lived out in Dubay’s...

List of Personalistic Pros/Cons for Covenant Community

Aug. 1 at 1:26pm | Comments: 21 | Most recent comment: Aug. 8 at 2:53pm

*Preface: I have been involved in different forms of community since 2004 in OH, MN, and MI—I have met people who love it and people who hate it, so I trust my list is well balanced.  Personally, I have found it to be a major way (but not the only way) that I live out Catholicism.  Pros: 1)      Opportunity for persons of all ages to verbally describe (give Testimony to) their understanding of...

Technologists vs. Personalists

Mar. 13 at 10:57am | Comments: 0

The first German to expose the philosophical danger of technology was Martin Heidegger.  Joseph Ratzinger took the warning to a further extreme by re-introducing Paul VI’s term: technocracy, in his “Caritas in Veritate”.  In Heidegger’s day, technology was not nearly as influential as to be considered on par with a theocratic ideology.  In our day, even as recent as the Vietnam war era--according to Paul VI, technology has threatened to replace...

Virtue and the Person

Mar. 7 at 9:56am | Comments: 0

Freudian Psychoanalysis ushered in a foreign method of evaluating a human person versus what was classically accepted throughout the western world: virtue.  While Freud’s theories do have some merit, as most recently quoted by Pope Francis in a March fifth interview, “all idealization contains aggressive motivation”, they are not worthy to entirely replace the classical method of virtue.  The reason being, Freudian theories do not call the person on to excellence, but instead...

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Re: Dr. John Grabowski on Ephesians 5

Sep. 10 at 10:08am | see this comment in context

let me explain that that logic was my own and I did not want to misunderstand you in my interpretation of our conversation.  I tend to assume worst case scenarios and apply gravity where there is none...

Forgive me for communicating that in an accusatory way

Re: Dr. John Grabowski on Ephesians 5

Sep. 10 at 9:51am | see this comment in context

I am an exception in that I know all of the founders of communities (lay and ordained)

Re: Dr. John Grabowski on Ephesians 5

Sep. 10 at 9:49am | see this comment in context

I do intend to draw out personalism from his work when I have more time.

Here's some logic that may be invalid from this conversation, that I want to verify (seeing as how I already misunderstood you about the extent of intervention from the Bishops--which was evidentally 'none' documented)

Clarks teaching=divorced marriages in the 80s

I don't think this is a valid statement, but it is what seems to be suggested in conversations.  GRanted, it may be a contributing factor to some divorces, but certainly not the cause.  Secondly,

Clarks teaching=faithfully observed to the letter by all covenant community members

This too is an invalid statement.  Less than a 1/3 of people have even heard of Steve Clark, let alone his works.  Nor have they read them.  Catholics are free to live mutual subordination in marriage without reference to incorrect teaching from Clark.  Clark is not as well known as Maciel.  Very few people in community know or have heard of Clark or could reference his teachings, but all legion members have heard of Maciel.

Re: Dr. John Grabowski on Ephesians 5

Sep. 9 at 5:06pm | see this comment in context

I defend Steve Clark because I personally know and love him.  While he may be off base on the issue of marriage dynamics, he is a celibate man dedicated to loving and serving Christ to the best of his understanding and ability and encouraging others to do the same. 

The first of his works I read and loved was Redeemer, and I was not familiar with Man and Woman in Christ until later.  Nevertheless, both have something to offer for personalism, as they led me to it.  That is to say that I read Clark's works before I encountered JPII.  Without Clark, I would not have any interest in personalism.  This is strictly from an intellectual standpoint and not a covenant community involvement level.  Redeemer helped introduce me to the Church. 

It pains me to know that women have such a strong reaction to Clark, and with good reason, but I have not known him in that context.  To me, he is a man among men: but not domineering, arrogant, or authoritative in any way.  He is like a gentle, steadfast, and calm grandfather, but Katie, I don't expect you to believe me...

Re: Dr. John Grabowski on Ephesians 5

Sep. 9 at 4:20pm | see this comment in context

What about the Synod, don't you think this issue needs more clarification from the Magisterium?

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