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Technologists vs. Personalists

Mar. 13 at 10:57am | Comments: 0

The first German to expose the philosophical danger of technology was Martin Heidegger.  Joseph Ratzinger took the warning to a further extreme by re-introducing Paul VI’s term: technocracy, in his “Caritas in Veritate”.  In Heidegger’s day, technology was not nearly as influential as to be considered on par with a theocratic ideology.  In our day, even as recent as the Vietnam war era--according to Paul VI, technology has threatened to replace...

Virtue and the Person

Mar. 7 at 10:56am | Comments: 0

Freudian Psychoanalysis ushered in a foreign method of evaluating a human person versus what was classically accepted throughout the western world: virtue.  While Freud’s theories do have some merit, as most recently quoted by Pope Francis in a March fifth interview, “all idealization contains aggressive motivation”, they are not worthy to entirely replace the classical method of virtue.  The reason being, Freudian theories do not call the person on to excellence, but instead...

Study of Persons in Lewis’ Perelandra

Feb. 19 at 11:36am | Comments: 2 | Most recent comment: Feb. 25 at 9:38am

A bitter struggle between good and evil spans the entirety of C.S. Lewis’ second installment of his space trilogy: Perelandra.  But what sides do the characters take, definitively?  A better question that I might ask is: to what extent can a person participate with evil and still be recognizable as a person?  Lewis explores these questions and more in his novel, inquiring amidst them even further questions of original innocence, gender distinction, commandments, and temptation....

The Power of God for Persons vs The Power of Satan

Feb. 13 at 11:55am | Comments: 9 | Most recent comment: Feb. 17 at 10:06am

Fr Gary Thomas and Fr Gabrielle Amorth are two of the most outspoken exorcists in the world.  The latter’s books An Exorcist Tells His Story and An Exorcist: More Stories, tend to be on every other Catholic bookshelf in homes and bookstores.  But are they just propagating a myth or classic villain in their stories?  Is it a ploy to scare people into returning to Church?  Although such stories do result in higher attendance...

JPII and/vs Religious Freedom

Jan. 30 at 2:21pm | Comments: 10 | Most recent comment: Feb. 7 at 9:14am

Several questions arise in my mind as to how religious freedom should be interpreted in light of Personalism.  Thankfully, the Second Vatican Council dealt heavily with this issue in its Declaration Dignitatis humanae, and John Paul II proved to be a crucial contributor.  In an article for Communio, David Schindler has written an extensive study of the topic in question, inspired largely by the true intentions of Wojtyla for the Declaration.  The topic itself interests me tremendously,...

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Re: Study of Persons in Lewis' Perelandra

Feb. 25 at 9:38am | see this comment in context

thanks for that definition, I'll make changes accordingly. 

I've been in Minnesota at a conference on "the Holy Spirit as Person"--it was good.

Re: The Worst Kind of Hobby

Feb. 18 at 10:21am | see this comment in context

Thanks for the challenge to avoid compartamentalized life!  I'm reading Dubay's Authenticity, and he is definitely not kind to those who treat the gospel as a hobby--so much so that he says it is not even register for sainthood.

The solution is authenticity, and it's hard

Re: The Power of God for Persons vs The Power of Satan

Feb. 17 at 10:06am | see this comment in context

I want to add certain video games to the list of gateways for demons.  All of the school shootings of the past 20 years have been related to extremely violent games with high-powered weapons.

Re: The Power of God for Persons vs The Power of Satan

Feb. 17 at 9:40am | see this comment in context

Yeah, Emily Rose's real-life basis is Anneliese Michel.

it appears that like blindness, leprosy, and other afflictions that were once associated with sin but turned out to be only "for the glory of God" in the words of Jesus--possession too can be like that.  This is to avoid a kind of "witch-hunt" of sorts, that would accuse people of possession due to sin.  This is why priests practice the "discernment of spirits"

By and large though, I agree with you about perversion, etc. being gateways for demons.   

Overall, it's a very mysterious thing, I'm glad that the Church has some understanding of it and a "cure" for the 'sickness'.

Re: The Power of God for Persons vs The Power of Satan

Feb. 14 at 9:28am | see this comment in context

Katie van Schaijik, Feb. 14 at 4:24am

I think we're going to be seeing lots of more of it openly unleashed.

It's interesting to think about what the insights of personalism might have to teach us here. After all, demons are persons, according to Church dogma. They are selves; they have autonomy and intelligence and agency.

 I was hesitating to make that conclusion of personhood, but thank you!  Very interesting

If an increased amount of demonic activity is near, I think the legalization of drugs is closely connected.

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